Based in Sydney and Auckland, Suma (formerly ICVP) provide consulting, facilitation and research services to Asia-Pacific organisations adapting to the new media environment. Our international experience across commercial media, public broadcasting, academia, the intergovernmental sphere and the not-for-profit sector gives us a unique overview of the emerging opportunities available to organisations in the creative industries and the information economy. Our relationships reflect our commitment to our core values of respect, integrity, and quality outcomes.

What we do

Suma offer wide-ranging expertise and advice for our clients' projects, with a focus on two areas:

Strategy development

We have extensive experience in developing business concepts and models for ventures in the new media and creative sector. Our combination of business, technical and communications expertise helps our clients develop a holistic and sustainable approach to success, guiding alignment across different areas of their business. Our research capabilities clarify the the competitive landscape and areas of opportunity and risk. Suma also assist with partner identification and assessment where relationships outside the client organisation are required.

Assessment and evaluation

Suma provide assessment and evaluation of projects and policy at any stage of the project cycle. We help clients determine success measures and appropriate monitoring strategies, gauge likely effectiveness, and provide recommendations on future action.

We also provide advice and support through the implementation stage of projects, giving our clients an independent perspective on issues that arise.

Industry Expertise

Our recent work covers a broad spectrum of the creative and new media industries, including:

  • Broadcasters and publishers using digital platforms
  • Creative industries incubation and clustering
  • Content management systems
  • ICTs and socio-economic development
  • Design in manufacturing
  • Tertiary education in the creative sector

Suma's partners have consulted for a range of clients including:

For more information on Suma's capabilities and experience please don't hesitate to contact us.